The Des Moines Chapter of the Izaak Walton League

The Des Moines Chapter of the Izaak Walton League

Clean up April 19

The Des Moines Chapter will host the State IWLA meeting on April 25 and 26. We will meet at 8:00 a.m. on the 19th to clean up the grounds. Bring tools. Many hands make the work light.

Des Moines Ikes Carp Fishing Tournament–May 31

IMG_0697Once again the Des Moines Ikes and Des Moines Parks and Recreation will host a Carp Fishing Tournament at Gray’s Lake on Fluer Drive in Des Moines. This year’s event will be held on May 31. Registration will start at 8:00 at the beach and the competition will start at 9:00 a.m. and end at noon.  A prizes will be given for the longest Carp (or Buffalo) caught by an adult and a similar prize for a child 12 or under. Valid fishing licenses will be required for participants who are 16 or older. Fishing poles, tackle and bait will be available for those who need equipment. Ikes will be available to fish along side those who are new to carp fishing. Most competitors use canned sweet corn and fish on the bottom. The Ikes will “chum” in advance of the event to attract carp and buffalo to the north shore. The Ikes are planning to have Northern Lights pizza and drinks available.

Des Moines Ikes Newsletter (Editor: Roger Lively)

From the Ikes Newsletter (Contact Roger Lively with information for the newsletter)
Menus and Programs:


Calendar of Events:

Apr 9 – 12 Spring Migration, Lake Taneycomo, Contact Joe Gavin for Details
May 14 – 17 Planned Dates for Annual “Crappiethon” Location Yet to be Determined

May 31 –Carp Fishing Tournament, Gray’s Lake, 8:30 Registration, North Shore

Turtles Threatened in Iowa

Have you wondered where the turtles have gone? They have gone to China. Do you remember the days when you could stand on a bridge and count 4 or 5 large Soft shells on a sandbar? A friend who paddles reported that he saw no Soft shells on the North Raccoon River last year. According to the DNR 590 tons of snappers were taken by commercial trappers since 2007 and 177 tons of Soft shells were trapped between 1994 and 2002. There is even a market for the little painted turtles. 2 tons of painted turtles were taken in 2012 alone. The snappers live up to 50 years. It takes 7 to 10 years to reach reproductive age. So how long will it take for our turtles to rebound from this level of trapping? You would think the turtle trappers, like other trappers, would want rules to protect their business. But no, they are fighting the DNR’s attempt to protect egg laying females from harvest. Why would ethical trappers oppose that? Do they plan to trap out all of Iowa’s turtles  and move on. What gives? Ask Governor Branstad to allow the rule making process to move forward. It is up to him at the moment. Mike Delaney, Ikes lobbyist

Pheasants Forever seeking funding for habitat, and research

Our pheasant population has been decimated by bad weather and loss of habitat. Pheasants Forever’s Matt O’Connor has appealed to the Iowa legislature to help our pheasant population out with an appropriation of approximately $6 million to augment Farm Bill programs, and add buffers that would supply habitat but also help with nutrient reduction. He also asked for research into habitat needs and the feasibility of “trapping and transferring” birds within the state. We Ikes agree that we need more and better habitat for pheasants. Farmers should be educated about the importance of flowers in their CRP seed mixes. Pheasants are not the only wildlife of concern to  Matt. He is also telling the legislators about the need for wetland and grassland habitat for pollinators, Monarch butterflies, bees, waterfowl other birds and wildlife that would be helped by a good pheasant rebuilding program. Water quality, fish and other aquatic life can also benefit by focusing on habitat that controls runoff and takes up nutrients. Contact your legislators on this issue. Look up the members of the Natural Resources Committees in the house and senate and give them a call. They need to hear from hunters and anglers once in awhile. Mike Delaney, Ikes lobbyist


Future Programs


April 8 - Pat Spain – Polk County Conservation, PCC Volunteer Program
April 15 – Jill Ostherhouse / Ron DeArmon -Polices and the Wildlife
April 22 – Chuck Corell – Whiterock Conservancy, Prairie Pothole Program
April 26 – Rich Leopold – Polk Country Conservation, Over View of PCC.
May  6 – Dr. Lee Searles – Ecological Consulting, Penology Calendar
May 13 – Open
May 20 – Rachel Garst – Whiterock Conservation, Conservancy – Over View
May 27–Carp Fishing Tournament–Delaney and Joel Van Roekel
June  3 – Dr. Mary Skopec—Land Masses of Iowa
            10 – Dr. Tom Roeburg– Invasive plants of Iowa
            17 – Terrie Hoerfer—-SOAR Owls of Iowa




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