The Des Moines Chapter of the Izaak Walton League

The Des Moines Chapter of the Izaak Walton League

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July 1st July 8th July 15th July 22nd July 29th

Menus and Programs:

July 1  Ticket Sellers: Skidmore-Reynolds
Catfish Dinner – Program: Special Person Fish Day – Rick Cerwick

July 8 Ticket Sellers: Bryan G -Craig Rogers
Pork Flat Iron Dinner- Program: TBD

July 15 Ticket Sellers: Bill Gay – Bryan G
Chicken Fried Steak or Ham Steak Dinner – Program: TBD

July 22 Ticket Sellers: Mike Sheridan – Ron Smith
Prime Rib Dinner – Program: TBD

July 28 Ticket Sellers: Bryan & Casey
Corn Feed Night – Program YHEC – Youth Hunter’s Education Challenge, Fund Drive

There are alternatives to the main entrée available such as Chef Salad, a fish entrée, and usually one other entrée.

Calendar of Events:

June 25 Expo Committee Meeting 6:00 pm

July 15-18 Izaak Walton National Convention

July 28 Board Meeting
July 29 Des Moines Ike Corn Feed

Board Meeting



President: Rick Cerwick
1st VP: Kerry Petersen
2nd VP: Mike Roland
Secretary: Richard “Bo” Galloway Treasurer: Craig Rogers

Past Pres: Steve Roe

Honorary Pres: Bob Dowson



Great Meals at the Ikes

Meals are the following:
July 1 – Catfish

Ticket takers
June 24 – Bryan & Ron Smith
July 1 – McDonald & Bryan

Future Programs



June 24–Cliff R will be the auctioneer for a fund raiser for Operation First Response program.




4343 George Flagg Parkway, Des Moines, Iowa 50321   ·   Phone 515-244-3773   ·   Email